Room 10 Bright Sparks

Friday, 14 February 2014

Friday Flash... this week in Room 10

Another exciting week in Room 10. 
We started with our explanation writing and have been developing our statistical thinking. We've also been learning about Hellison's model and been having fun practicing our freestyle and backstroke in the pool. 

Today we were given our Rangitoto Challenge - Homework assignment for the term. We were all excited to be able to take responsibility for our own learning and choose what tasks we want to complete this term. 

We introduced the WONDER HOOP this week too. Every time we do something wonderful we get a ticket to slam dunk in the hoop. There were a whopping amount of tickets in the hoop this week, with some wonderful people getting multiple entries. Before lunch we drew 8 names from the basket to select a prize. 

This weeks wonderful recipients were: Alex, Anthony, Wairua, Te Puawai, Nikita, Nunia, Edwina and Eseki

Congratulations - Tu Meke 

At the end of week assembly Room 10 had the privilege of leading the school in karakia!

During assembly four of our team also received certificates:

Alex for developing his leadership skills.
Lennyx for taking responsibility for his own learning.
Wairua for active listening and contributing to class discussions  
and Siosifa for making a great contribution to all Room 10 activities in his first week at Glenbrae School - Welcome Siosifa!

Next week we have our Softball Tournament, some of the Room 10 team are participating, we wish them well!

Kei te pai whanau


  1. Wow Room 10, what a great summary of your week! I love the positive rewards you are getting in class with the Wonder Hoop - great idea! And, I think your homework assignment for the term looks really challenging and exciting. Perhaps some of you will be able to show your science experiments to others in assemblies or at Home School Partnerships later this term?
    Cheers, Tsana (Karl & Roion's mum)

    1. Oops, technical hitch there - should, of course, be Robin!

    2. Great idea Tsana, I'm sure we will be very eager to share our learning!

  2. Hi miss Parker I would like to say I am very proud of you to be my teacher and for making Room 10 wonder Hoop. Thank you miss Parker Your the best Teacher.

  3. What a nice way to acknowledge hard work, diligence and consistency in learning. Keep trying to fill your wonder hoop basket with your wonder hoop tickets and win lots of prizes. Hard work pays off!