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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Virtual Bike Wars

Virtual bike wars

One of my reading tasks was to create a new sport or game which would require the use of bicycles. 
I created a virtual game called Virtual Bike Wars.

Virtual bike Wars. 
In this game people are required to wear simulation goggles while riding down a straight path, 500m long. They must go through lots of simulations such as zombies, jousting and a lot more. There is even multiplayer, where you and your friends can battle it out. If you are knocked off your bike at any time in the simulation then you lose.

I love virtual games. I wonder if this could be made a real life game. It would take a lot of effort now that I think about it.

By Jerome. Follow Jerome' s blog here

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  1. You have great imagination Jerome! I too wonder how this sport will pan out if it is real. May be fun!! Well explained Jerome.