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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Tamaki College Year 8 Open Day

Today was an exciting day for Room 10's Year 8 students.
They enjoyed a full day at Tamaki College, partaking in 5 classes throughout the day. 

We were split up into 10 tutor classes with Year 8 students from other schools and followed the college timetable to different subjects. Some of our favourite subjects included Social Studies, Food Technology, Science and Mathematics. 

The teachers at Tamaki College enjoyed having Glenbrae School and said that we all participated really well. So well in fact that Anamanu and Jezebel were awarded some funky new netbook cases. Eseki also won some chocolates for answering some questions. 

Congratulations Year 8 students. I'm sure you are all excited to do well in Year 8 in preparation for Year 9 at College next year! 

Well done on having such a positive and rewarding day! 
Anamanu and Jezebel showing off their prizes!

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