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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Water Fun Day - By Jezebel

Water fun day

On an overcast day, Glenbrae school had water fun day. We all had to bring our house colour T-shirt to school. After we got changed we all walked to the netball courts and waited for the classes to come. After all the classes were all there, then Mrs Ripata mentioned the 6 activities we were to participate in. The activities were the zigzag, water slide, obstacle race, 3 hand race, walk the plank, through the leg, sponge race. We first went to the obstacle race where Ms Elia was along with Miss D. We all lined up into our house colour teams. Then Mrs Elia showed us an example of the activities, what you did was you took a cup of water and crawled under the chair and then ran to the house colour bin to pour the water in. We all cheered  for each other. Next we went to the slippery soapy slide where Mrs Parker was. We lined up into our house colour teams and first Mrs Parker explained what we had to do. We had to grab a cup of water and slide down the slide and then run all the way to our house colour bin and tip the water in and run back to the slide and stand at the back of the line.
All activities involved water, lots of running, getting wet, keeping cool and filling in the big house buckets with water. Rata and Kauri houses won on the day. Every student participated and enjoyed them selves.


By Jezebel


  1. Hi Jezebel
    I loved reading your story and the way you described our water fun day. Your vocabulary is increasing a lot. I'm glad you enjoyed the day. i had lots of fun, too.

  2. Wasn't it an amazing day of fun and frolic? You have written the recount of the day very well Jezebel. Wouldn't it be nice if we had more than one water fun day during summer?