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Monday, 24 February 2014

What Fun on Water Fun Day!

The water fun day was on Friday the 7th of February. It went on from 9am to 11am. We got into our four house groups, Rata (red), Kauri (green), kowhai (yellow) & Nikau (blue). Students represented their houses by wearing the same coloured clothes.

On this cloudy and beautiful day, we participated in water related activities. The first activity room 10 was involved in was the obstacle course. Each house had to line up in separate lines. The aim of the game was to get a cup full of water and crawl under a set of chairs. It was hard because water was dripping out of the cup.

The next activity we did was the water slide activity. We filled up milk cartons and slid down the soapy. slippery slide. Two people went on the water slide at a time. The next activity we did was Zig Zag. We had to fill up a milk carton and run down the slope in a zig zag motion.

After that we had the sponge activity. We had to soak the sponge in a bucket full of water we had to run to the main house buckets quickly because the water was dripping out of the sponge.The next activity we did involved passing a sponge under our legs. Soon after, we had the three hands race. We got into pairs, looped our arms and ran with cups of water to the house bucket to tip the water in. This was difficult as the two of us had to work as a team for this activity.

The final activity we did was walk the plank. We had to fill up a milk carton and walk over the wet and slippery plank. We then raced to the house bins to tip the water in. 

By the end of the water fun day everybody was soaking wet. Rata and Kauri houses won fair and square. Kowhai and Nikau weren’t far behind. A truly ‘Water Fun Day!

By Alex

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  1. Great recount Alex. I bet it was hard keeping the water in the cup. I saw lots of people spilling it all before they got to the bucket! Which was your favourite activity?