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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Socially Responsible People - by Eseki.

Socially responsible people

A socially responsible person is someone who not only cares for their community but also the people in it. A socially responsible person is also someone who helps out their community by fundraising for community events, donating things they don’t use or need to those who really need it and other helpful things as well.
Socially responsible people have to be able to work with others to achieve the same goal like if two people have an argument they still have to be able to work with each other for the sake of the community. Be honest and make good choices, admit your mistakes and make up for it like if you stole from the community you have to be able to tell them what you've done wrong and be able to accept your consequences.Socially responsible people also have to take leadership not only when they get the chance, but also when they need to. Socially responsible people also should make their community feel safe like how my Uncle is part of an organization called Tamaki Community Patrols (TCP). TCP go around the community checking on people and making sure they are safe. Many people are involved in the TCP programme including the police and other people who volunteer to take care of their community. Socially responsible people never do good things to get noticed or get an award from the community, but they do good things because it makes them feel good inside and people respect them better.

By Eseki,
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  1. You have explained very clearly what a socially responsible person in a community is like. All of us should aim to be socially responsible citizens, shouldn't we?