Room 10 Bright Sparks

Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday Flash - Week three in Glenbrae's Room 10

It's been an absolute heatwave this week, with our temperature chart reaching highs of 27 and overnight lows ranging from 14 to 20 degrees. Thank goodness for our midday swims to help us keep cool!

We have been learning a lot about responsibilities and being good role model this week. We had two peer mediator sessions, learning about how help our classmates and younger school members to resolve tensions and play fairly.

Original Picture (left)
Our puzzle enlargement (right)

We also did some amazing explanation writing on How to be a Socially Responsible Person. Please check our individual blogs to read what we learnt about and shared. 

We started some pencil sketching this week. Our focus was enlarging an image, and using shading. We were each given a small piece of a puzzle. We had to enlarge this onto a bigger piece of green paper. So far it is looking good, we will finish these pieces off next week. 

This week our wonder hoop winners were Baden, Nganga, Anthony, Hannah & Ilalio. WELL DONE! And congratulations to everyone else who was in the running. We also talked about the probability of our name being drawn depending on how many entries we had. 


  1. What a great start to our Visual Art programme for the Term. The enlarged picture is close to looking like the original image. I can't wait to see the finished project after it is shaded with pencils or charcoal. Well done on being able to understand the concept of enlargement. Well done Mrs. Parker

  2. Thanks for a fun Friday afternoon Room 10! I really like the artwork you are currently creating. Can't wait to see the finished work. There was much improvement in your understanding of what it means to be an active listener on Friday, and if I see more of that, I can teach you all a few more games when I am in next week. Miss Adcock